New Moon Opens

Welcome to New Moon, a collaborative gallery and studio space in Magdalena, New Mexico. Co-founders Nicole Beaudoin, Conne Gibson, and Anna Lear opened New Moon in May 2009 to showcase their unique artistic creations and provide tutorials and workshops to the community. Magdalena's newest art space joins an eclectic mix of galleries, studios, and rock shops featuring many fascinating natural and human-created offerings from this historic area.

New Moon's principals are established artists and community members. Nicole creates her Dancing Rainbows Tie-Dye garments and accessories at home in the mountains just south of Magdalena. During the summer Nicole travels to music and arts festivals throughout the Southwest, and her colorful creations are well-known and represented both near and far. Conne and her husband Dean Crane are professional lapidarists who create beads, cabochons, and other jewelry fundamentals from a wide variety of fine gemstones. Conne's new line of finished jewelry features many of their beads and faceted stones, including specimens of Smithsonite, Aurichalcite, Bacamite, and other stones from local mines. Anna's jewelry uses a wide range of materials, from sterling silver to leather, and often features her intricate wirework, Kumihimo (Japanese braidwork), and other techniques adapted from fiber arts. She has moved her jewelry studio to New Moon and has also begun making mosaics here, taking advantage of the spacious back yard for the messier tasks of mortaring and grouting.

New Moon features selected paintings, prints, jewelry, fiber arts, and other works from several talented local and regional artists. We've also brought in goods from around the world to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. We are open Thursday through Sunday (and holiday Mondays), from 10 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m., and are also available by appointment. Contact us at or stop by the gallery at 602 Highway 60 (just across from Alamo Plumbing & Hardware) in hoppin' midtown Magdalena.

The Grand Opening Tour, in Pictures

New Moon is set up just the way we want it (for now) and is ready for the public tour, starting from the left upon entering the gallery. The peacock guarding the south window comes from Anna's former venture, Little Maggie's Mercantile, and is an authentic Oaxacan wood carving from the Mendez-Garcia family. The Two Cranes beads and jewelry, Guatemalan beadwork, and handcarved Alaskan salmon pendants lead to a full display of Conne's elegant jewelry along the west wall.

Conne started her finished jewelry line in 2008 to showcase the very best of the beads that she and Dean make in their Magdalena lapidary workshop. Their signature gemstone slide pendants become even more beautiful on Conne's necklaces of gemstones, pearls, and precious metals. Coordinating earrings add a distinctive finishing touch, and Conne offers a great variety at very reasonable prices. She also presents bold and colorful bracelets both from her own workbench and from Guatemala. The window shutters, which Conne stripped and repainted, give the display a rustic feel that nicely complements the adobe building's old-fashioned interior.

Nicole's eye-catching display of tie-dyed clothing and accessories graces the gallery's northwest corner. Her children's clothing is especially popular, and parents can almost always find something to match. Many of Nicole's items, such as the whimsical silk fairy skirts and exquisite velvet dresses, are hand-sewn by local seamstress Jennifer Kent. Contrasting with the summery tie-dyes are Deborah Lear's adorable handknit children's sweaters, which will surely become popular as summer fades. Nicole has provided the colorful backdrop you see throughout the gallery, consisting of both vintage and contemporary textiles primarily from India.

Along the east wall, Anna has set up a mix of her own jewelry, authentic Santo Domingo jewelry by Theodore and Fannie Garcia, several intricate beadwork pieces by local artist Kim Dommer, and a mix of smaller gift items. Many of Anna's and the Garcias' pieces are also currently in the window display, along with a huge rock of mixed crystal and matrix on permanent loan from a friend of the gallery. Anna is almost always working on something when she's here and has been favoring wirework lately, using a mix of thick- and thin-gauge wire to create woven sterling silver settings and accents for the wide variety of gemstones she uses. Conne and Nicole often work on their creations here as well, and we've provided several extra chairs for curious observers.

Deborah Lear's handknit fruit hats for infants and toddlers, shown in the garden basket, have been a big hit, and the steady stream of requests for "grown-up sizes" has prompted Deborah to start a new line of similar hats in wool for the young at heart. Deborah's contemporary realism oil paintings will also be here soon, along with Anna's mosaics in glass and hand-shaped gemstones. We do have some wall space left... for a while, at least. Come in some weekend (we're open Thursday through Sunday, 10 to 5-ish) for the live, guided tour and tell us what you think. We look forward to seeing you soon!

New Moon Solstice Party!

New Moon Winter Solstice Party
Saturday, December 19, 2009
3pm - 6pm at the New Moon Gallery
Hwy 60, Magdalena

Celebrate the Season of Lights with Anna Lear, Conne Gibson, and Nicole Beaudoin at the New Moon Gallery! Enjoy free snacks and beverages, a Yule Log Cake, and three craft activities, and shop our 20% off sale* on our unique, handmade jewelry, tie-dyes and other special items!

Cathy McQueen, of Supermart, will be handing out free samples of new imported cheeses, fair-trade chocolates, and fancy non-alcoholic sparkling beverages.

Jasper and Django will help you make a decorated, laminated bookmark. Nicole will help you make a Solstice Flower Fairy ornament. Anna will help you make holiday earrings ($5 materials charge per pair).

*20% off purchases of $30 or more

A slice of the New Old West

Magdalena has one big party a year: the Old Timers Reunion, which brings lots of people into the village for three days of rodeo, music, food, and more. This young gentleman came riding up to our shop in search of a tie-dyed shirt (we had conveniently placed two racks in front to catch his attention) and was kind enough to pose for us in his new shirt. (His horse chomped up one of our threadgrass plants, but it was a small price to pay for such a great photo op.)

Introducing: Nicole Beaudoin, Dancing Rainbow Tie-Dyes

We love color -- can you tell? Nicole's tie-dyes are both colorful and beautifully crafted with top-quality dyes and clothing "blanks" to ensure they'll last season after season. Nicole (she's the tall one in the photo at left) started her company in 2000 so she could work from home while raising her kids, Jasper (now 10) and Django (almost 5). Nine years later she has many, many happy customers who have bought her wares from the numerous festivals and shops where she has displayed them. Nicole also imports a darker line of tie-dyed adult clothing from Thailand (which she labels "Thai Dyes"), for those who prefer a more subdued color palette. Here's just a sampling of Nicole's work; you'll see many more at New Moon. Look for the tie-dyed flag out front...

Kids' clothing ranges from t-shirts to rompers to fairy skirts and dresses to hats -- even socks!

Nicole designs for the young, and the young at heart.

Adults have many options to choose from, too, in all shades and sizes.

Introducing: Conne Gibson and Dean Crane, Two Cranes

New Moon co-counder Conne Gibson brings an impressive collection of gemstone beads and finished jewelry to the gallery. She and husband Dean Crane have been doing lapidary work together since 2002; Dean has been in the jewelry business since the 1980s and also does silverwork and gemstone faceting. Here's just a small selection of the beautiful goods they currently have on display at New Moon.

Lepidolite pendants on pearl, gemstone, and glass necklaces; black garnet druzy pendant on black spinel and opal necklace

Sonora Sunrise pendant on coral, turquoise, and carnelian necklace; Kingman turquoise pendants and necklaces

Aurichalcite pendant on turquoise and azurite-malachite necklace; ocean jasper pendant

Faceted Smithsonite pendant in sterling silver setting; turquoise and lapis pendants in sterling silver

Introducing: Anna Lear, Laughing Raven Artisan Jewelry

New Moon co-founder Anna Lear has been making jewelry since 1994 and has developed a signature style that combines unusual gemstones and handmade glass, intricate wirework in sterling silver and other precious metals, and the occasional fiber such as silk or bamboo. Leather is another favorite material, combining nicely with sterling silver or copper and turquoise or other gemstones for simple necklaces that look great on men as well as women. She is also an apprentice lapidarist, working occasionally with Dean Crane and Conne Gibson at the Two Cranes workshop to create pendants for wirewrapping (such as the simple lapis pendant below) and, more recently, gemstone-scrap tesserae (small tiles) for mosaics.

Handmade lapis lazuli pendant wrapped in 18-karat gold-fill wire; lampwork glass bead (by Magdalena artist Vanessa Quinones) on handwrapped sterling silver bail and necklace of chrysocolla and sterling.

Two Cranes Mexican green turquoise pendant on leather and copper; Two Cranes Sonora Sunrise pendant on necklace of chrysocolla, dyed pearls, and sterling and Thai silver.

Hand-wrapped sterling silver bangle with mookaite; bracelet of leather, African trade beads, mixed gemstones, glass, bone, and sterling silver.

Earrings of turquoise in hand-wrapped and hammered copper; hand-wrought sterling silver hoop earrings with crystal quartz briolettes.